[squid-users] how debug google status codes in log file

Sticher, Jascha jascha.sticher at tds.fujitsu.com
Tue Jun 19 08:50:46 UTC 2018

Hi Ahmad,

every HTTPS connection is TUNNELED through squid, as long as you do not intercept SSL traffic (SSLbump). You can only get either a 200 return code or error codes connected to failure of the connection, e.g. proxy authentication required, deny (by proxy) or network/dns issues. You will not see any return codes the likes of 301 (redirect), server authentication or 404 (not found). That's pretty much the point of a tunnel.

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also how about if the tcp was tcp_tunnel

like below :

17/Jun/2018:08:18:09 -0400    559 6xxxxxxxxxxx33833 xxxxx 2000 TCP_TUNNEL/200 1974 CONNECT www.google.com:443 xxxHIER_DIRECT/ www.google.com 2607:f8b0:4005:809::2004 xxxxc9f0:dfde:2da5:c4c0:7148:3646

all my logs from google is TCP_TUNNEL/200 for all types of message 

any way to differentiate the http status code ?

im hitting google https 

let me know 


> On 19 Jun 2018, at 8:12 AM, --Ahmad-- <ahmed.zaeem at netstream.ps> wrote:
> hello folks 
> how debug google status codes in log file  ?
> in wiki i see we have :
> 1529368601.307  60038 TAG_NONE/503 0 CONNECT www.google.com.et:443 fifoxy HIER_NONE/- -
> the question is how can i see the http status code of connection in proxy ?
> regards 

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