[squid-users] 4.0.25 -- build, ok... probs on 3.x still there, but may not be so important?

Amos Jeffries squid3 at treenet.co.nz
Mon Jun 18 03:55:16 UTC 2018

On 17/06/18 22:04, L A Walsh wrote:
> It seems I didn't patch it correctly...weird didn't see
> any output.
> Tried applying .25 patch to copy of .24 dir and it didn't
> apply correctly, since I d/l the tarball, and now it build
> fine...so.... gonna go play with this now...

FYI: if you are applying the inter-version patches instead of building
from a clean copy of the sources in the new release's tarball then you
are definitely changing the .am etc files those WARNING are talking
about. It is just that you are also changing the Makefile as if automake
was being used to generate from that file. So the change is not truly
relevant, but lbltdl still detects and warns.

You can usually avoid auto-tools mismatch issues by using the
--with-included-ltdl or --without-included-ltdl build options, depending
on which of them you are using now that produces the warning.

> FWIW, though the 3.x issues -- compiler changed...not sure
> what else would be causing weird issues...
> one of them was deprecation warnings and that could easily
> be the new compiler...

These were fixed in the 3.5 release since .21 came out, current release
in that series is 3.5.27.


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