[squid-users] tcp_outgoing_address working on Windows machine but not on Ubuntu

Amos Jeffries squid3 at treenet.co.nz
Sat Jun 16 13:18:35 UTC 2018

On 16/06/18 01:18, davidjesse091 wrote:
> That's right, I'm using the IP address of the interface for
> tcp_outgoing_address. I want to be using tcp_outgoing_address based on
> the port number of the incoming connection. Would that be possible by
> using Linux routing?

You are asking the wrong question now.

 * squid.conf tcp_outgoing_address directives ONLY determines the
*Squid* actions on its outgoing connections *if* the request message
being handled matches the ACLs on that directives line.

 * Each machines own OS routing setup determines the route selection
part(s). (On Linux that tool is "ip route" [note the space].)

These are strictly separated layers in networking. You are dealing with
networking here, almost everything involves multiple moving parts
individually tuned so they interact together to get things done.

Your first post asked *why* machine routing behaviour was different
between your machines, and implicitly what to do about it. Matus answerd
you (and correctly), which for *that* question is:
 A: your machines routing configuration are different.

 ie. If you want both machines to behave the same given *the same
squid.conf settings*, the thing to change is the routing setup of the
machine thats not doing what you want. In this case the Linux one.

If you go and change squid.conf settings on that "not working" machine.
All its going to do "break" the Squid part as well.


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