[squid-users] HTTPS cache for Java application - only getting TCP_MISS

Tomas Finn√ły baretomas at protonmail.com
Thu Jun 14 07:09:05 UTC 2018

> Surely all this peeking and bumping is only needed if you're running Squid in
> interception mode, whereas you've said that you've configured your Java
> application to explicitly use Squid as a proxy?

I found some "how-to's" and posts that were explaining how to make a https cache proxy, and they were all mentioning bumping. Isn't the bump needed to decrypt the response, so it is possible to store it in the cache? I dont need any acl with peek and bump for my scenario at all, is what you are saying?

> Have you tried your Squid configuration with a plain browser, configured to use
> the proxy, with (a) a few random websites, and (b) the specific resource you're
> trying to access from your Java application, to see whether it is actually
> working as a caching proxy?

No. And something I will do now. Thanks for tips.

Sorry for the messy formatting here, but I didnt get your responses to my mail. I only saw it in the archives and copied it over to my mail here....

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