[squid-users] Squid.out reports errors for lines that do not exist in squid.conf

Eliezer Croitoru eliezer at ngtech.co.il
Thu Jun 7 06:13:59 UTC 2018


Systemd can be define to run a specific command for a "reload" and even if nobody wrote the line in a service file it's there since almost day one of systemd services.

And.. if the version is el6 I believe it's still a sysVinit based system.
Squid -kparse should detect and squid -kreconf should resolve any issue if it's not a fatal one that stopped the service.

Not directly related but.. only if Squid doesn't release at all any memory it catches then a restart would be a must at some point.
>From what I have seen in the 2.7 and 3.x code in the past it seems that there should be some level of memory cleanup\release.
Also I have systems that has up-time of almost a year so I am a bit confused why should a restart would be requied?
... if I have acls handled by an external acl or ICAP service then why should I restart?


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On 07/06/18 11:11, Cheadle, Edward wrote:
> Squid version 3.5.27-1.el6
> The FATAL error messages below  is because I added a line with dstdomain
> in it when there were already an entry with dstdom_regex in it.
> I assume that is the “type” that is talked about.


> 2018/06/06 20:49:29| aclParseAclLine: ACL 'aws_s3' already exists with
> different type.
> FATAL: Bungled /etc/squid/squid.conf line 254: acl aws_s3   dstdomain -n
> .s3.amazonaws.com
> The issue is that I removed line 254 and I removed both of the lines
> above and yet I restart squid and continue to get these errors.

Exact same line and issue? or other ones elsewhere in the config?

NP: "squid -k parse" should be used to find any issues after an upgrade.
It does not halt on the first FATAL/ERROR if there are many.

> Does squid compile the rules and keep them somewhere, and I need to do
> something else than service squid restart to get rid of rules?

By "service squid restart" I take it that you are using systemd to
control a Squid-3 proxy. systemd cannot cope at all well with software
like Squid which is itself a daemon manager.

Try stopping Squid with the "squid -k shutdown" command (repeat of
necessary) and making sure Squid is fully stopped with no processes
still running before you start it again.

With systemd the "squid -k ..." commands (or init.d script, if any)
should be used to manage Squid-3 instead of systemd's "service ..."

NP: these issues have been resolved in Squid-4. So this is a temporary
situation until you can upgrade.

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