[squid-users] Display eCAP meta-information on Squid error-page

chgerber christof.gerber1 at gmail.com
Tue Jun 5 09:27:20 UTC 2018

"It is best to use %note logformat %code for logging annotations. 
The %adapt::<last_h code is meant for adaptation services debugging (and 
to work around the current ICAP code lack of support for annotations)." 

How exactly can I use %note to log the same information to access.log? For
example assume I use "%{my-ecap-header}adapt::<last_h" how can I log the
same using %note as you suggested? 

Related question: 

Can I apply ACL's to annotations served by eCAP adapters. Say when
%{my-ecap-header}adapt::<last_h or the same solution with %note respectively
(see first part of post) returns "bad" I want squid to deny the access and
grant access when it returns "good"? I know about the eCAP specific
virginBlock() function.

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