[squid-users] quiet week

Amos Jeffries squid3 at treenet.co.nz
Tue Jun 5 04:12:47 UTC 2018

On 05/06/18 06:05, Cheadle, Edward wrote:
> There are significant differences between the Fedora->RHEL and
> Debian->Ubuntu relations.
> Fedora is development oriented with short lifecycle and without support
> of previous versions. RHEL is built on Fedora with stability and
> enterprise needs in mind (they always ).

Most of which is their business, not ours.

> Debian provides more release stages
>  - stable -> Ubuntu TLS releases
>  - testing -> standard Ubuntu releases
>  - unstable
> Ubuntu LTS releases are based on current Debian stable release.

That is incorrect. Ubuntu is based on Debian "Testing" packages. It just
happens that every two years Debian freeze their Testing repository for
final QA which converts it to "Stable".

The Ubuntu release which is based on that particular content from Debian
Testing turns into the Ubuntu LTS. So it *looks* outwardly like Ubuntu
LTS is based on Debian Stable, but that is just a side effect of how the
two interact during the Debian stabilization freeze process.

It was probably planned intentionally that way, but packages are not
pulled from Debian Stable as a especially for Ubuntu LTS.

> This is major difference.
> The RHEL->CentOS relation is of different type. CentOS is RHEL without
> copyrighted materials. Updates are usually released with delays. There
> are some other repositories which extend/modify CentOS core
> https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/CentOS#REPOS

AKA, CentOS is derived from RHEL with some differences in focus.

RHEL is derived from Fedora with some difference in focus.

So those "few days" you mention have already had several years of Fedora
delay happen before they even begin.  This is why Eliezers repository
gets traffic. If CentOS were really having only a few days _total_ (like
Fedora) nobody would need to download unofficial packages to stay up to

In the overview what each OS focuses on providing to their respective
communities is not related to our release roadmap - all distros are
different. Their derivation relationships are the origin of package
version differences and does impact on how our release timing needs to
be planned out to minimize obsolete versions having ~20 years of support


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