[squid-users] Question about traffic calculate

Tiraen tiraen at gmail.com
Mon Jun 4 23:34:10 UTC 2018

Good day. I apologize in advance if this has already been discussed, if so
- just give a link to the discussion

The proxy server has an interface for viewing current active sessions




There there is some set of parameters which allow to get the data on traffic

If the connection to the proxy goes directly and by http we see like this:

*Connection: 0x8050e0518*
*        FD 29, read 4247, wrote 13479*
*        FD desc: Reading next request*
*        in: buf 0x8045a6fe0, used 0, free 39*
*        remote: ХХХХ:50340*
*        local: ХХХХ:8080*
*        nrequests: 1*
*uri ХХХ:443*
*logType TCP_TUNNEL*
*out.offset 0, out.size 13440*
*req_sz 235*
*entry 0x0/N/A*
*start 1527608373.902584 (73.252258 seconds ago)*
*username -*
*delay_pool 0*

We have both traffic stat

*out.offset 0, out.size 13440*
*req_sz 235*

But if there is a frontend in front of the SQUID (nghttpx for example and

we have this

*Connection: 0x7f66a317ecf8*
*    FD 222, read 9192, wrote 526*
*    FD desc: Reading next request*
*    in: buf 0x7f66a294fb90, used 0, free 39*
*    remote: <>*
*    local: <>*
*    nrequests: 2*
*uri nererut.com:443 <http://nererut.com:443>*
*logType TAG_NONE*
*out.offset 0, out.size 0*
*req_sz 334*
*entry (nil)/N/A*
*start 1527526715.189831 (81017.831772 seconds ago)*
*username 8355fcec-94fd-496c-94d1-a195a5ca7148*

*delay_pool 0*
without out traffic

*out.offset 0, out.size 0*
*req_sz 334*

I certainly did not test why it happens - due to https or proxy, but is it
possible to clarify this case?

Thank you in advance for your help

With best regards,

Vyacheslav Yakushev,

Unix system administrator

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