[squid-users] Squid 4 and missing intermediate certs

Alex Crow acrow at integrafin.co.uk
Fri Jan 26 09:30:05 UTC 2018

Hi List,

I've just set up a new SSL interception proxy using peek/splice/bump 
using squid 4.0.22 and I'm getting SSL errors on some site indicating 
missing intermediate certs as described here:


I have read the wiki and I see this on the SslBumpExplicit page:

"Squid-4 <https://wiki.squid-cache.org/Squid-4> is capable of 
downloading missing intermediate CA certificates, like popular browsers do."

However I'm finding that I have to follow the procedure in the diladele 
article and manually install the intermediate certs into the PKI trust 
to work around this.

My interception config is like this:

ssl_bump splice localhost
ssl_bump peek step1 all
ssl_bump splice nobumpdoms
ssl_bump stare step2 all
ssl_bump bump all

nobumpdoms is an acl pointing to a file listing domains that should not 
be subject to interception, and works fine.

Is there something else I have to specify to get squid4 to behave as 
described on the wiki?

Many thanks,


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