[squid-users] log problem

Yuri yvoinov at gmail.com
Thu Jan 25 01:59:10 UTC 2018

Amos, this is good news.

Is this clear documented anywhere to write good article in wiki about it?

25.01.2018 07:55, Amos Jeffries пишет:
> On 25/01/18 14:25, Yuri wrote:
>> Everything is a little worse. If you need a password to access the
>> cachemanager - it will shown in the logs.
> "worse" implies it was better some time beforehand.
> The old manager API is the one which places password in clear-text in
> the URLs. It may not have told you that was what it was doing, but still
> the security was really crap.
> If you are using the current API with http(s):// URLs they do not
> contain any credentials in the URL and you can configure authentication
> more secure than Basic to be used by using http_access permissions
> instead of the cachemgr_passwd mechanism.
>> I believe that this is a bug
>> and a hole in security.
> Using the old insecure manager API is a hole yes. But not a new one.
>> Preventing by ACL can be workaround, but hardly this is feature.
> This is backward compatibility feature for people still using tools that
> require the old API. Making a crappy insecure API "secure" requires work.
> Amos
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