[squid-users] log problem

Alex Gutiérrez Martínez alex at dvm.esines.cu
Wed Jan 24 13:59:33 UTC 2018

Hello comunity, im using squid 3.3.8 on ubuntu 14.04.02 LTS. I have 
implemented sqstat on this server to monitor my bandwidth. My problem is 
simple, i need to remove from my log the line created by sqstat.

1516801891.375      1 TCP_MISS/200 25526 GET 
cache_object://localhost/active_requests - HIER_NONE/- text/plain

I tried using "access_log" directive, but until now the only thing i 
acomplish is stop my squid using a bad configuration.

Does anyone have an idea of how to solve this problem?

Saludos Cordiales

Lic. Alex Gutiérrez Martínez

Tel. +53 7 2710327

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