[squid-users] persistent connections not being utilized with Chrome

Brian J. Murrell brian at interlinx.bc.ca
Fri Jan 12 14:52:00 UTC 2018

I am noticing that my Squid 3.5.20 installation is not utilizing
persistent connections with a Chrome browser user.  My Squid
configuration is not disabling the default status of persistent
connections being enabled.

I can see Chrome including "Proxy-Connection: keep-alive" in it's
request and Squid responding with "Connection: keep-alive" but I'm only
seeing one request being processed in each of these connections.

Looking at the network traffic, it does look like it's Squid that it
closing the socket though.  It's the first one to send a FIN packet.

Some possibilities... are persistent connections not available for
CONNECT requests?  I don't believe that to be the case but just want to
confirm.  Or perhaps are persistent connections not available for
Negotiate'd requests?

Are there any other possible reasons that Squid would close down a
socket that appears to be opened persistently?

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