[squid-users] Multiple SSL certificates on same IP

Bruno de Paula Larini bruno.larini at riosoft.com.br
Wed Dec 19 20:29:37 UTC 2018

Em 19/12/2018 16:29, Patrick Chemla escreveu:
> - Having more than one IP on the server, create SSL certificates from 
> LetsEncrypt including each a list of some domains and sub-domains
> - Create a very bing certificate to have squid using it (not the best 
> choice because domains are of different content, far one to the other)
> - Having squid managing all certificates on a single IP. (The best 
> because some domains have very high encryption needs, and LetsEncrypt 
> is not their preference)
> Like a bottle in the sea: Is that possible, multiple certificates, 
> with squid 4.4 on a single IP?
Based on what I had researched recently, Squid still doesn't handle SNI 
in accel mode, so you could set different, non-wildcard certificates to 
the websites. See: 
But it would be nice if Amos could confirm if this information is still 
true for 4.4.
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