[squid-users] query parameters filtering

Amos Jeffries squid3 at treenet.co.nz
Tue Dec 11 00:52:31 UTC 2018

On 10/12/18 9:01 pm, Praveen Valaboju wrote:
> Hi,
> we have configured squid3 with ssl, 
> cache is working fine with http and https for hls without any query
> parameters in url
> below two cases not working, could you please help us on this
> 1) Dash content is not getting cached - do we need to make any changes ?

Depends on what those Dash messages do, and what HTTP header mechanisms
they are using.

FYI: Your config is also causing a lot of HTTP violations to take place.
The only guarantee you have is that thing will *not* work perfectly.

> 2) if we append any query parameter like token, expiration time for url,
> the cache is not working

Cache is based on a hash of the full URL. Any single-character change
anywhere, including the query section makes the transaction a different
URL. This is just how HTTP caching works.

Details such as expiration times or non-URL content identifiers are
supposed to be sent in the HTTP headers which exist for such things
(e.g. Expires, Cache-Control:max-age, or Last-Modified).

We have a Store-ID feature in Squid-3.4 or later to workaround sites
that duplicate *exactly* identical content at many URLs. This is a
dangerous feature though, so use with extreme caution.

> Please find the squid config file

FWIW; This config file shows a Squid version which is extremely out
dated. Squid-3.1 is not capable of several highly important and popular
TLS features, nor of proper HTTP/1.1 caching (still has HTTP/1.0 caching).

Our current production (aka. "stable") release is Squid-4.4. Or for less
recent OS versions the previous Squid-3.5.28 should be available and can
serve modern HTTP caching needs far better.


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