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Tue Aug 28 07:04:34 UTC 2018

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Date: пн, 27 авг. 2018 г. в 19:55
Subject: Re: [squid-bugs] squid-3.5.27 pfSense
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Please be aware that Squid-3.5 is no longer supported. Especially when
using SSL-Bump features.

You have configured your proxy to generate certificates without any
information about the server being contacted. The behaviour described is
expected to occur with that config.
 Please direct this request for help to the squid-users mailing list.


On 27/08/18 10:26 PM, Денис Степанов wrote:
> Good day!
> I have a some problem: after working of 15-20 minutes (with squid.conf)
> appears problem with SubjectAlternativeName for any HTTPS websites (for
> more details see
> ).
> I attach configuration squid file and debug logs of last 5 minutes of
> working.
>  cache.log
> <
>  squid.conf
> <
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