[squid-users] Git tag strategy in Squids GitHub repo

Vacheslav m_zouhairy at skno.by
Wed Aug 22 07:27:02 UTC 2018

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On 21/08/18 11:22 PM, Simon Staeheli wrote:
> Hi there
> We build Squid directly from its sources (https://github.com/squid-cache/squid.git) and not via the tar.gz from squid-cache.org . Is there a clear strategy how you guys use git tags? It looks like as there are some SQUID_4_0_X tags but they were never updated since Squid 4 became stable. 
> It would be awesome if there is tag pointing to every official Squid release. 

>Formally each release is supposed to have a SQUID_N_N(_X) tag.

>However, our auto-commit bot the QA team came up with does not do tagging. And tags from third-party repositories (ie my release staging
one) are not imported by the github PR process.

So Why not ask them to fix that?

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