[squid-users] Have issue with "https_port ssl-bump intercept"

pius piuschungath at gmail.com
Thu Aug 16 09:15:59 UTC 2018


We are planning to control the traffic that goes out from the network. Few
of them are HTTPS. we managed to whitelist HTTP traffic that going out the
network. And we are really happy about it. Now only worry we got is the
HTTPS traffic. 

I listen 2 port in squid.  3129(HTTP) and 3130 (HTTPS). 

When we communicate https traffic to the outside world, we prefer to use
3130 so that we will have an end to end encryption. But at the same time, I
need to whitelist some domain name so that only those domain name can be
communicated safely. Is this is possible in squid? 

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