[squid-users] Do I need to be technical to use squid proxy?

Antony Stone Antony.Stone at squid.open.source.it
Wed Aug 15 16:44:59 UTC 2018

On Wednesday 15 August 2018 at 18:26:16, Oldman wrote:

> I found a script and automatically created squid proxy in a centos vps
> then set up the proxy in my pc and am using it
> I am good in learning but not very technical . while trying to figure out
> all those tcp denied and other logs I realized it is very technical
> Isn't there easy to manage  way for non technical person like me?

Sorry, but why is a non-technical person trying to manage a proxy server?

To answer the question in your subject line "Do I need to be technical to use 
squid proxy?", the answer is definitely "no".  So long as you can use a 
browser, you can use Squid proxy, but if you want to *manage* the proxy, 
that's a different matter, and you need to have at least a certain amount of 
familiarity with networking concepts and client-server communications.

Maybe it helps to look at your request completely differently - what are you 
trying to *achieve* with Squid?  Tell us that and we might be able to help you 
do it.



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