[squid-users] Bounces

Amos Jeffries squid3 at treenet.co.nz
Sun Aug 5 07:55:14 UTC 2018

On 05/08/18 16:03, login mogin wrote:
> Happened to me as well, kind of a gmail <--> lists.squid-cache.org
> <http://lists.squid-cache.org> thing I guess.

We have in the past seen a few issues where peoples accounts got hacked
and their address used to deliver spam. This can result in badly
configured ISPs blocking anything incoming from those addresses with a
full bounce back at us when a 5xx error should have been used.

Or the boring old "normal" reason - your ISP just decided to block
receipt of our mailing list posts to your subscribed address.

Or the LetsEncrypt script broke on us yet again (seems to do so for a
few hours / days almost every update). Any ISPs actually checking the
DKIM signatures can block list mail while the STARTTLS sorts itself out
and get bounces recorded against your subscription.

Alternatively, if you are still trying to post to the @squid-cache.org
mailing list address the listserver will register that as a delivery
error which gets aggregated into the "bounce" category.
 NP: those lists have been dead for *years* now, if this is you please
fix your address books.

As that message from our listserver said "Your membership in the mailing
list squid-users has been disabled due to excessive bounces".

For anyone else seeing this now or in future:

The disable is specific to an individual subscription. If the listserver
mentioned any way to re-enable your account please do that. Or your can
try unsubscribe and re-subscribe.

If you still need help after trying those please contact our noc@
mailing list.

If *that* noc@ contact attempt gets bounced/rejected our bugzilla has a
"Project Services" product you can register issues with. Just be aware
that makes a permanent public bug record.


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