[squid-users] splunk 3.5.27-Sec Advisories

Rafael Akchurin rafael.akchurin at diladele.com
Fri Aug 3 20:53:14 UTC 2018

We are waiting on it. Sorry summer time :)

Best regards,
Rafael Akchurin

> Op 3 aug. 2018 om 21:06 heeft Kumpf, Scott <SKumpf at ouc.com> het volgende geschreven:
> Greetings,
> Checking in to see how the new Squid for Windows build is coming along, is there an update?  Is there a tentative release date? 
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> Scott Kumpf
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> Hello Amos, Scott,
> Will try building now. Shall be possible by the end of next week I hope.
> Best regards,
> Rafael Akchurin
>>> Op 28 jul. 2018 om 07:23 heeft Amos Jeffries <squid3 at treenet.co.nz> het volgende geschreven:
>>> On 28/07/18 08:48, Kumpf, Scott wrote:
>>> Greetings,
>>> The organization I work for is running Splunk for Windows version 3.5.27 which is impacted by 3 security vulnerabilities that were released earlier this year.  From what I can tell, our squid implementation was installed using an MSI package from Diladele.  It is my understanding per the advisories, the first point of contact for support is the maintainer/package vendor.  Diladele referred me back to Squid Developers and the only version that they have made available is version 3.5.27.  As I am not too familiar with source code packaging or compiling, I am in search for some guidance on available options to mitigate or remediate these vulnerabilities.  I believe 2 of them have workarounds that can be implemented by modifying the squid.conf.
>>> As I  am not aware of how to determine how this version was configured at time of build therefore am not 100% certain if my implementation is even vulnerable.  Supposing the software is at risk, the advisories indicate there are patches available for each issue, however, I'm not clear on what to do with the information that the patch link presents.
>> The command line "squid -v" will list the build options used for your 
>> particular binary along with its particular version. The advisory 
>> section titled "Determining if your version is vulnerable:" is a 
>> checklist to compare against your Squid. One statement there should 
>> match your particular Squid installation.
>> The fixes for all these are in our 3.5.28 bundle from 10 days ago. I 
>> have not made the official announcements yet (thanks for the reminder) 
>> so Diladele may have not been aware.
>> I've cc'd Rafael on this reply and also opened an issue in the tracker 
>> specifically notifying of the release so they can start on that while 
>> I do the write-up. 
>> <https://github.com/diladele/squid-windows/issues/81>
>> HTH
>> Amos
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