[squid-users] *.dl.delivery.mp.microsoft.com/filestreamingservice

Amos Jeffries squid3 at treenet.co.nz
Thu Aug 2 16:05:18 UTC 2018

On 03/08/18 03:50, Heiler Bemerguy wrote:
> Em 01/08/2018 14:32, joseph escreveu:
>> yes but its expensive since squid dose not have partial caching
>> acl force_full_download url_regex \.esd \.exe \.psf \.cab \.ipa \.zip
>> \.pkg
>> \.msp

urlpath_regex would be better, and maybe adding the (\?.*)?$ to ensure
the extension is a filename and not query parameter (unless you see a
lot of filenames in the query part). The above catches many domain names
and forces full download on all objects they contain.

>> range_offset_limit -1  force_full_download
>> quick_abort_min -1 force_full_download
>> quick_abort_max 0 KB
>> quick_abort_pct 100
> Last time I tried to force full downloads, it only used more bandwidth
> and the files were NOT saved. I have an old bug report still open about
> that.
> It seems Rock Store won't EVER save an object if two users are
> downloading it simultaneously...

Things on that front have changed in the latest few releases. It may be
time to re-test with Squid-4 and update the bug reports on it.


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