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On 31/07/18 23:32, Vacheslav wrote:
> Satanic greetings, you really think you are the smartest of us all that we can't think of your stupid suggestion?

>Please be civil. The response you received was a reasonable answer to your question.

You won't find any more civil love than that.

>Both the TechNet article linked and the Squid FAQ config example for Windows Update contains lists of domains that service uses.

>Blocking the rest of Microsoft and all of Akamai *by URL* is a much more difficult proposition. Between them they host a very large percentage of Internet domains.

Your last sentence is totally false. I found an open source handy piece of software which lets you choose how much you would like to block, even skype if desired, too bad there isn't a donate button on github or am I missing it?
So I just copied the domains inserted in the hosts file and plugged it in ufdbguard and the people who use this squid have considerably less traffic than others.

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