[squid-users] very slow squid response

Iraj Norouzi zeutech at gmail.com
Tue Sep 19 10:18:34 UTC 2017

hi everybody
i setup squid on ubuntu and centos with tproxy and wccp for 6 gb/s traffic
but when i try to test squid with 40 mb/s traffic it response very slow
while when i use direct browsing i can browse websites very fast, i used
tcpdump for tracing connections arrive time and there was no problem, also
i used watch -d for tracing packets match by iptables rules and it was ok,
i also used iptables trace command for tracing matching iptables rules,
there was no problem except i had latency on arriving packets on iptables
rule while tcpdump captured packets fast, it happened when my browsing was
so slow, at some times that my browsing was fast there was no latency on
iptables trace log.
i also used tcp and linux enhancement configurations, but nothing happened.
wccp send packets very well and tcpdump show capturing packets too but
browsing with squid is very slow.
please help me.

*Regards,Iraj Norouzi*
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