[squid-users] Looking for assistance with setting up a TLS proxy

Rohit Sodhia sodhia.rohit at gmail.com
Thu Sep 7 19:28:16 UTC 2017


I'm a backend dev who's been suddenly assigned a task to create a squid 
proxy to intercept cURL/wget requests. We've got old servers that don't 
support TLS 1.2 and some of the services we use will be requiring it 
soon, so the decision was made to route cURL and wget requests through a 
pair of squid servers. Unfortunately, I'm not a sysop (or even really 
knowledgeable in this area) and am having some trouble, hoping someone 
wouldn't mind helping me out.

I've been through the squid documentation and been playing around with 
the examples on the squid site, including finding one for creating an 
interception proxy. However, if I'm correct, for squid to be able to 
upgrade the TLS requests from their current 1.0 to 1.2, squid would need 
to decrypt the incoming request, then reencrypt it? I'm hoping someone 
out there may be willing to help point me in the right direction; I've 
been given a tight deadline, and both learning about the technologies 
and find an effective solution is straining.

Thank you,

Rohit Sodhia

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