[squid-users] Recompiling Squid3 for Mips hardware, enabling captive portal?

David Mehler dave.mehler at gmail.com
Fri Sep 1 07:36:02 UTC 2017


I used Squid 2 a while back, when my networks were different.

I'm now wanting to implement squid 3.x. I've got an Asus Rt-N66U
router, which I believe has a Mips processor on it. I am wondering how
to recompile Squid for Mips, or obtain the compilation script for the
entware version of squid and recompile that?

My goal is to compile in helpers for squid as well as captive portal

Are there any helper libraries for squid3 to act as a captive portal?
I'm wanting to run a captive portal on my router for wireless clients,
looked in to chillispot but was wanting something recent and that has
documentation, so wanting to use squid.


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