[squid-users] New Squid Server 3.5.20 on Centos 7 - Trying to redirect local web access to Port 80 on Linux Servers with iptables to Squid Server with http_port intercept

Amos Jeffries squid3 at treenet.co.nz
Wed May 24 21:15:11 UTC 2017

On 25/05/17 08:02, Rogerio Coelho wrote:
> Hi Squid JediĀ“s,
> I am just a little stuck tryng to replace an old Squid 3.1.23 Server on Centos 6 that i use to redirect local web access to port 80 on linux servers to Squid Server.
> On my Squid 3.1.23 Server on Centos 6 i use http_port 3128 transparent mode and on my Linux servers clients i use iptables to redirect Web traffic as below ( this config works ):

FYI: if your other posts are additional info on this problem could you 
please send as a reply to the earlier message (ie this one). It helps 
those of us tracking lots of issues and the mailing list<->forum portal 
software when the relevant posts are threaded.

Anyhow, I am replying directly to your other posts.


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