[squid-users] Squid Service crash >>> assertion failed: store_swapout.cc:289: "mem->swapout.sio == self"

Warkentin, Jens WarkentinJens at AviationPower.de
Wed May 24 08:07:06 UTC 2017


we’re using SQUID 3.5.25 on Centos 7.3.1611 (Core).

Looks like we have a permission or swap-file problem, when SQUID is running as a service.

When we enable and start the service (systemctl enable squid, systemctl start squid) then does the service crash each time a user tries to connect to our Outlook WebAccess (reproducible).

>>  2017/05/24 09:14:15.504 kid1| ctx: enter level  0: 'https://<public host name>/owa/manifests/appCacheManifestHandler.ashx?owamanifest=1'
>>  2017/05/24 09:14:15.504 kid1| assertion failed: store_swapout.cc:289: "mem->swapout.sio == self"
We have to restart the service afterwards.

If we do remove the service (systemctl stop squid, systemctl disable squid) and do launch the “squid” as a process (root user) everything is working very well.
Then the squid process is running very stable (also with Outlook WebAccess).

How can we fix the “swapout issue”, when SQUID is running as a system service?

Thank you
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