[squid-users] squid and c-icap ERR_ICAP_FAILURE

Vieri rentorbuy at yahoo.com
Tue May 23 11:00:59 UTC 2017


I know I have an "old" version of Squid (3.5.14), but I'd like to know if the issue I'm seeing has been fixed in newer versions before I upgrade.

I can't easily reproduce the failure. The Squid process uses a c-icap module to scan content (squidclamav).
It's all fine, in general, but at times clients get the ERR_ICAP_FAILURE Squid error page.
When this happens (usually when there's a lot of traffic), users can't browse the web and a c-icap restart on the Squid server (c-icap server and Squid on same proxy server) does not solve the issue.
I need to run at least "squid -k reconfigure" to make everything work again (restart not necessary).

Any idea why?

I'm not posting the squid log files because I couldn't find anything relevant (debug not enabled).

Maybe I shouldn't waste anyone's time if this is a known issue and update to the latest version first, right?



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