[squid-users] Tagged ACLs?

Dijxie dijxie at gmail.com
Sat May 20 19:37:53 UTC 2017

W dniu 20.05.2017 o 18:07, Ralf Hildebrandt pisze:
> Currently we're using a few blacklists (from abuse.ch) as ACLs on our
> squid installation.
> This is working well, but we want to create statistics on how many
> clients were "caught" trying to access blocked sites.
> Currently, we're grepping the log for TCP_DENIED in conjunction with the
> patterns from the ACLs. This is working somewhat OK, but if access was
> blocked using a pettern that was in use when the client tried to
> access and was subsequently removed (prior to the time of the log
> analysis process), it won't be found...
> Is there any way around this? Like "tagging" rejects or logging the
> ACL that caused the rejection? (Using squid-5 HEAD here)

Try that:
"Access Control related format codes" => "et" can be the thing you are 
looking for.

Pozdrawiam, Remik

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