[squid-users] Documentation for Cache Manager?

Alex Rousskov rousskov at measurement-factory.com
Thu May 18 14:26:55 UTC 2017

On 05/18/2017 06:48 AM, erdosain9 wrote:

> Where i can find documentation for the opcion on squidclient, many of them
> are self-explanatory but for example this:

You are not looking for squidclient documentation! You are looking for
Cache Manager reports (a.k.a. pages) documentation. The "mgr:X" URN that
you use with squidclient is just a convenient shorthand for a Cache
Manager page X URL.


Some Cache Manager reports are documented at the above URL. When you
figure out what an undocumented report means, please consider adding a
wiki page to document what you have found.

IIRC, Squid Books have documentation for some of the cache manager pages
that are not documented on Squid wiki.



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