[squid-users] Squid + IPv6

Eliezer Croitoru eliezer at ngtech.co.il
Thu May 18 09:08:51 UTC 2017

I think that the answers on how to re-compile squid for windows with special options might be the diladale part of the issue.
They compile squid with mostly default and they have enough experience and knowledge on how to recompile squid to match the requirement of the thread.

I still think that it's better to run Squid ontop of a linux and even in a VM ontop of windows compared to squid native binary(but it's my preference).

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Holdup guys. There is no limit on tcp_outgoing_address in Squid.

So Jared;

* what did you mean by "the entirety of squid immediately stops working" 
in your original mail?
   crash? errors? something else?

* what is your Windows system per-process handle limit?


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