[squid-users] destination ip to splice

Eliezer Croitoru eliezer at ngtech.co.il
Tue May 16 00:11:38 UTC 2017

I have a scenario which I want to disable ssl-bump for specific hosts ip
network masks.
In this scenario I want to allow all localnet(,
https traffic to be spliced.
I tried to understand from the acl docs if there is such acl out there but
couldn't understand if it exists.
I am using squid in this scenario as a simple forward proxy and not in
intercept mode.
>From the next:

	acl aclname src ip-address/mask ...	# clients IP address [fast]
	acl aclname src addr1-addr2/mask ...	# range of addresses [fast]
	acl aclname dst [-n] ip-address/mask ...	# URL host's IP
address [slow]
	acl aclname localip ip-address/mask ... # IP address the client
connected to [fast]

Is there a specific one that can help me with that or I should use
ssl::server_name_regex :


In intercept mode I can just use iptables to bypass the interception but in
a forward proxy mode I do not see another option.
This might not be the place but, would ever maybe such an option to bypass
squid parsing for specific destinations ie "splice" for special http


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