[squid-users] help me optimising caching or increasing hit ratio

Amos Jeffries squid3 at treenet.co.nz
Fri Feb 24 11:51:00 UTC 2017

On 24/02/2017 4:09 a.m., --Ahmad-- wrote:
> amos i told you i have squid version 3.5.2 version 
> but no luck with caching at all 

I know. All of the ChangeLog entries below are fixing bugs or add cache
abilities to reduce MISS.

You want improved HIT ratio in todays HTTP traffic? you *need* the below
changes. It will also help with debugging if the problem remains, since
all those bugs are no longer potential causes to investigate.

You could try to patch them all in. But if you are compiling anyway, you
might as well just compile the latest anyway and get all the other major
bugs that have been fixed.

Changes to squid-3.5.23 (16 Dec 2016):

  - Bug 4169: HIT marked as MISS when If-None-Match does not match
  - Bug 3940 partial: hostHeaderVerify failures MISS when they should be HIT
  - Bug 3533: Cache still valid after HTTP/1.1 303 See Other
  - Bug 3379: Combination of If-Match and a Cache Hit result in TCP
Connection Failure
  - Bug 2258: bypassing cache but not destroying cache entry
  - HTTP/1.1: make Vary:* objects cacheable
  - HTTP/1.1: Add registered codes entry for new 103 (Early Hints)
status code

Changes to squid-3.5.22 (09 Oct 2016):

  - Bug 4471: revalidation does not work when expired cached object
lacks Last-Modified
  - Bug 2833: Collapse internal revalidation requests (SMP-unaware caches)
  - HTTP: MUST ignore a [revalidation] response with an older Date header

Changes to squid-3.5.21 (08 Sep 2016):

  - Bug 4428: mal-formed Cache-Control:stale-if-error header
  - HTTP/1.1: MUST always revalidate Cache-Control:no-cache responses
  - HTTP/1.1: do not allow Proxy-Connection to override Connection header

Changes to squid-3.5.18 (06 May 2016):

  - Bug 4501: HTTP/1.1: normalize Host header
  - Bug 4498: URL-unescape the login-info after extraction from URI

Changes to squid-3.5.17 (20 Apr 2016):

  - Regression Bug 4481: varyEvaluateMatch: Oops. Not a Vary match on
second attempt

Changes to squid-3.5.16 (02 Apr 2016):

  - Bug 2831: Cache-control: max-age not sent on TCP_IMS_HIT/304
  - RFC 7725: Add registry entry for 451 status text

Changes to squid-3.5.15 (23 Feb 2016):

  - Better handling of huge response headers. Fewer incorrect "Bug
#3279" messages.

Changes to squid-3.5.12 (28 Nov 2015):

  - Bug 4374: refresh_pattern config parser (%)

Changes to squid-3.5.11 (01 Nov 2015):

  - Bug 4279: No response from proxy for FTP-download of non-existing file
  - Fix incorrect authentication headers on cache digest requests

Changes to squid-3.5.10 (01 Oct 2015):

  - Regression Bug 4326: base64 binary encoder rejects data beginning
with nil byte

Changes to squid-3.5.8 (02 Sep 2015):

  - Bug 3553: cache_swap_high ignored and maxCapacity used instead
  - Fix truncated body length when RESPMOD service aborts
  - Reject non-chunked HTTP messages with conflicting Content-Length values

Changes to squid-3.5.4 (01 May 2015):

  - Bug 3775: Disable HTTP/1.1 pipeline feature for pinned connections
  - Fix Negotiate/Kerberos authentication request size exceeds output
buffer size

Changes to squid-3.5.3 (28 Mar 2015):

  - Regression Bug 4206: Incorrect connection close on expect:100-continue


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