[squid-users] URL encoding in squid

Anton zav at tomica.ru
Tue Feb 21 10:43:38 UTC 2017

Good day.

I have squid+squidguard configuration. I need to filter a lot o URLs with national
symbols in it. My URL list consist mostly from percent-encoded URLs. So when squid
checks such URLs by squidGuard it transmits URL as-is with no percent-encoding.

SquidGuard see no URL because it has percent-encoded this URL.

URL list made from "zapret-info" if some one knows :-). It can contain non-consistent data:
%-encoded URLs can be in cp1251 or utf-8 after decoding and some URLs are not encoded at all.
I cannot to decode URLs from % in a right way.

IMHO it is better way is to %-encode not-encoded URLs to %-encoded and to use others as is.

So can squd+squdGuard make dial with percent-encoded URLs ?

Is it possible to path %-encoded URL to squidGuard ?

P.S. I use debian 8.7 and squid from debian repo (3.4.8-6+deb8u4).

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