[squid-users] Hint for howto wanted ...

Walter H. Walter.H at mathemainzel.info
Sun Nov 27 17:16:30 UTC 2016


I've got a special problem ...

I have several devices in my LAN:
- PCs, Notebooks
- a Tablet-PC
- a Smartphone
- a Television

on my LAN I've two squids as VMs on my PC
(both are CentOS 6)

I also have a virtual server (a CentOS 6, too)  at a webhoster in a 
different country,
which I have configured as a proxy (squid) only for me besides the web 

/etc/squid/squid.conf of the main proxy, which is used as proxy by the 
clients has this ...

acl tv-device src ip-of-tv

cache_peer parentproxy.local                  parent 3128 0 
name=local-proxy proxy-only no-digest default
cache_peer virtualserver-at-webhoster  parent 3128 0 name=remote-proxy 
proxy-only no-digest

acl remote-domains dstdomain "/etc/squid/remote-domains-acl.squid"

cache_peer_access remote-proxy allow remote-domains
cache_peer_access remote-proxy allow tv-device
cache_peer_access remote-proxy deny all

cache_peer_access local-proxy allow !tv-device

this proxy and the one at the webhoster don't do SSL-bump, only the 
parent proxy does ...
at the moment only the parentproxy.local does filtering and blocks 
unwandted IPs, hosts, ...

what is the easiest way to do smart filtering for the tv-device, as this 
doesn't use parentproxy.local at all ...
do  I really have to do smart filtering on both, the one at the hoster 
(plus SSL bump) and the parentproxy that already does?


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