[squid-users] trying multiple squid instances on same machine

Heiler Bemerguy heiler.bemerguy at cinbesa.com.br
Mon Nov 21 17:12:05 UTC 2016

Is there a way to run rockstore for small files and aufs for bigger ones 
on the same machine? I think one squid instance wouldn't be optimal even 
with "if process_number" tweaks or something..

Tried to run two squid instances, with cache_peers "linking" them.. but 
the second one can't resolve dns names, I can't figure out why..

For every request it will show this on cache.log:

2016/11/21 14:01:27.650| 23,3| url.cc(371) urlParse: urlParse: Split URL 
'http://www.ricardoeletro.com.br/Requisicao/Ajax' into proto='http', 
host='www.ricardoeletro.com.br', port='80', path='/Requisicao/Ajax'
2016/11/21 14:01:27.650| 14,3| Address.cc(389) lookupHostIP: Given 
Non-IP 'www.ricardoeletro.com.br': *Name or service not known*
2016/11/21 14:01:27.650| 31,3| htcp.cc(1262) htcpHandleClr: 
htcpHandleClr: Access denied

The dns is ok and there aren't any options about dns on its .conf (it 
will get the system's

Best Regards,

Heiler Bemerguy
Network Manager - CINBESA
55 91 98151-4894/3184-1751

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