[squid-users] is ACL conditional directive possible ?

AUBERT Thibaud thibaud.aubert at soprasteria.com
Tue Nov 15 09:19:12 UTC 2016


I'm currently stuck on a study that consist to set different ''reply_body_max_size" directives, depending on the source IP.

Here's the current proxy Infra : I have some corporate proxy (v3.5.19) used by some small and remote offices, with a small link (8mbits/sec).  Those proxy are often based on some datacenters with a big internet link (1Gbs).
The thing is, I have to set a very small reply body max size limit to avoid users of small office to saturate their remote network. It mean that local users of the proxy suffer the same restriction while they should normally be able to download big files without saturating anything.

To improve our internet access system with Squid, I'ld like to configure the limit depending on the source IP. Another advantage of conditional statement with ACL would be to handle "thug" users that will change they proxy configuration to a proxy with a higher value, in the case that only one unique value can be set per proxy.

I'm already using if statement for workers configuration, but failed while trying to use it for my needs.

Any help will be appreciated !

Otherwise, thanks to the team for their work on Squid : I've reached the 2TB consolidated daily traffic here over squid and everything is working like a charm.


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