[squid-users] squid HIT and Cisco ACL

Juan C. Crespo R. jcrespo at ifxnw.com.ve
Mon Nov 7 10:25:51 UTC 2016

Good Morning Guys

     I've been trying to make a few ACL to catch and then improve the BW 
of the HITS sent from my Squid Box to my CMTS and I can't find any way 
to doit

Squid.conf: qos_flows tos local-hit=0x30

Cisco CMTS: ip access-list extender JC

Int giga0/1

ip address

ip access-group JC in

show access-list JC

     10 permit ip any any tos 12
     20 permit ip any any dscp af12
     30 permit ip any any (64509 matches)


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