[squid-users] Certificate transparency: problem for ssl-bumping, no effect, or?

Linda W squid-user at tlinx.org
Wed Nov 2 02:40:53 UTC 2016

Yuri Voinov wrote:
> Hope at this. It is difficult to make long-term plans if the software
> has to die soon. :)

..And if SW doesn't die "soon", but only a little later?  I.e. with
google's AI designing new encryption algorithms today (nothing
said about quality), how long before they can have an AI replacing
most of us?  Even now PC's seem to be "short-timers" as mass-users
are migrated to hand-held, consume-only platforms, and PC's evolve
into tomorrows unaffordable mini-compute-cloud servers.

PC's have always been too dangerous to allow in everyone's home
unless they are locked down and become "content platforms"
to play content similar to how game consoles are now.
It seems it will be hard just to afford an X84-64 compat
CPU with those getting more & more cores (and more expensive) and
consumers being shunted over to the more affordable and
the comparatively, celeron-classed, Atom CPUs.

A year goes by quickly enough these days, to at least get an
advanced "head-up" on such new "standards"...

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