[squid-users] server request timeout not working

Heiler Bemerguy heiler.bemerguy at cinbesa.com.br
Tue May 24 20:26:57 UTC 2016

If you connect to squid and ask it to get a file on a server which 
accepts the tcp connection but won't reply anything, the connection will 
never timeout.

Like this: (client side)

Accept: */*
Accept-Encoding: identity
Range: bytes=20-80
User-Agent: FakeUser/0.0
Proxy-Connection: Keep-Alive

Gives this on server side:

GET /pehasuzyjireohwwlik.txt HTTP/1.1
Accept: */*
Accept-Encoding: identity
User-Agent: FakeUser/0.0
Via: 1.1 jasperserver (squid)
Cache-Control: max-age=29030400
Connection: keep-alive

It does connect to, this port is open and accepting 
connections.. but it won't reply anything to squid, and squid will 
remain connected to it and waiting forever

client_idle_pconn_timeout 30 seconds

client_persistent_connections on
server_persistent_connections on
connect_timeout 60 seconds
request_timeout 30 seconds
persistent_request_timeout 30 seconds
collapsed_forwarding on

Best Regards,

Heiler Bemerguy - (91) 98151-4894
Assessor T├ęcnico - CINBESA (91) 3184-1751

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