[squid-users] pinger crash - Bad opcode: 112

Tomas Mozes hydrapolic at gmail.com
Tue May 24 07:52:21 UTC 2016

on two different squid servers I've observed a crash of pinger. First it
appeared on version 3.5.15 and later on version 3.5.17.

Cache.log contains these lines:

(pinger): Address.cc:671: void Ip::Address::getAddrInfo(addrinfo*&, int)
const: Assertion `false' failed.
2016/05/14 21:55:25 kid1| Bad opcode: 112 from
2016/05/14 21:59:13 kid1| recv: (111) Connection refused
2016/05/14 21:59:13 kid1| Closing Pinger socket on FD 17

On both servers, that IPv6 address was the same -

A quick google search for that showed problems with Squid from the past:

The strange thing is that I have IPv6 disabled in the system (not even as a
module in the Linux kernel) and Squid was compiled without ipv6 support.

How can I help tracing this issue?

Tomas Mozes
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