[squid-users] squid 3.5.19, wccp2, pf and forwarding loop

Amos Jeffries squid3 at treenet.co.nz
Mon May 23 07:32:07 UTC 2016

On 23/05/2016 7:01 p.m., Mark Davies wrote:
> On 23/05/16 18:48, Amos Jeffries wrote:
>>> ext_if="wm0"
>>> int_if="bnx0"
>>> set skip on lo0
>>> rdr pass on $int_if inet proto tcp from to any port 80 ->
>>> port 8081
>> What prevents Squids outgoing traffic (to port 80) from being diverted
>> back into Squid again?
> I would expect the outgoing traffic to be on the external interface
> (wm0) and the diversion is only on the internal (bnx0)
> but I did try to test if something was happening on the internal by
> reducing the address range being matched in the rdr line to something
> that didn't include the internal address of the squid box and it made no
> difference.

Okay good.

There are two other things to check then.

Firstly, if the router receiving the wm0 traffic is the one doing WCCP
 divert into Squid. It needs a similar excemption of that outgoing traffic.

 in squid.conf enable "debug_options 28,4" and see what it logs in
cache.log about the bnx0 interface.
 I suspect Squid might be detecting it as a non-Ethernet interface and
so not pulling the IP details correctly from the NAT.


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