[squid-users] Problem talking ICAP to McAfee Web Gateway

Rob Worsnop rworsnop at gmail.com
Wed May 18 21:56:06 UTC 2016

I'm having  a problem talking ICAP with McAfee Web Gateway (MWG).

In certain circumstances, MWG will start streaming the RESPMOD response
before Squid has finished sending all the chunks in the RESPMOD request.

Squid does not like this. It seems to interpret the arrival of response
traffic as a signal that the request should have finished. So it stops
reading from the origin resource, and consequently stops writing to MWG.
The result is that the HTTP client sees only a fraction of the file it's

As far as I can tell, ICAP is no different from HTTP in that it expects a
response to follow a request, not the request and response to be
transmitted at the same time in a full-duplex style.

Are my assumptions correct, and is this Squid behavior by design? If so I'm
going to have take it up with the McAfee people.
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