[squid-users] Are there any distros with SSL Bump compiled by default?

Rafael Akchurin rafael.akchurin at diladele.com
Sat May 14 11:41:57 UTC 2016

Hello Tim,

By default Squid that is part of well known distributions is not compiled with SSL filtering support. This is due to some license restrictions as may be better explained by Amos. Default versions are also very old (except for Debian testing which is at the latest but still without SSL filtering capabilities compiled in).

For CentOS 6 and 7 elizier's package has everything required. 
For Debian 8 you might need to recompile it yourself as described in http://docs.diladele.com/administrator_guide_4_5/install/debian8/squid.html

For Ubuntu 14 LTS we humbly propose to use our repository at ubuntu.diladele.com. The recompilation is quite easy btw, the following github project shows how we do it https://github.com/diladele/squid-ubuntu. 

This tutorial may also be of interest http://docs.diladele.com/tutorials/build_squid_ubuntu14/index.html.

Best regards,
Rafael Akchurin
Diladele B.V.

Please take a look at Web Safety - our ICAP based web filter server for Squid proxy at http://www.diladele.com.

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Are there any Linux distros with pre-compiled versions of Squid with SSL Bump support compiled in?

Alternatively, does anyone reputable do a 3rd party repo for Debian/Ubuntu that includes SSL Bump?

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