[squid-users] Regular expressions with dstdom_regex ACL

Walter H. Walter.H at mathemainzel.info
Thu May 12 20:20:00 UTC 2016


can someone please tell me which regular expression(s) would really block
domains which are IP hosts

for IPv4 this is my regexp:
and this works as expected

acl block_domains_iphost dstdom_regex 
deny_info ERR_IPHOST_BLOCKED block_domains_iphost
http_access deny block_domains_iphost

BUT, I tried and tried and failed with IPv6

this section in squid.conf

acl block_domains_ip6host dstdomain [ipv6]
deny_info ERR_IPHOST_BLOCKED block_domains_iphost6
http_access deny block_domains_iphost6

doesn't work for exact this given IPv6 address ...

I want any IPv6 address

can someone please tell me how I can achive this?

the result should be that
any URL like this
http(s)://ip-address/ should be blocked by the specified error page

Thanks and Greetings from Austria,

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