[squid-users] Getting the full file content on a range request, but not on EVERY get ...

Heiler Bemerguy heiler.bemerguy at cinbesa.com.br
Thu May 12 16:28:00 UTC 2016

Hi Pete, thanks for replying... let me see if I got it right..

Will I need to specify every url/domain I want it to act on ? I want 
squid to do it for every range-request downloads that should/would be 
cached (based on other rules, pattern_refreshs etc)

It doesn't need to delay any downloads as long as it isn't a dupe of 
what's already being downloaded.....

Best Regards,

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Assessor T├ęcnico - CINBESA (91) 3184-1751

Em 12/05/2016 11:06, Hans-Peter Jansen escreveu:
> On Mittwoch, 11. Mai 2016 21:37:17 Heiler Bemerguy wrote:
>> Hey guys,
>> First take a look at the log:
>> root at proxy:/var/log/squid# tail -f access.log |grep
>> http://download.cdn.mozilla.net/pub/firefox/releases/45.0.1/update/win32/pt-> BR/firefox-45.0.1.complete.mar 1463011781.572   8776 TCP_MISS/206
>> 300520 GET
> [...]
>> Now think: An user is just doing a segmented/ranged download, right?
>> Squid won't cache the file because it is a range-download, not a full
>> file download.
>> But I WANT squid to cache it. So I decide to use "range_offset_limit
>> -1", but then on every GET squid will re-download the file from the
>> beginning, opening LOTs of simultaneous connections and using too much
>> bandwidth, doing just the OPPOSITE it's meant to!
>> Is there a smart way to allow squid to download it from the beginning to
>> the end (to actually cache it), but only on the FIRST request/get? Even
>> if it makes the user wait for the full download, or cancel it
>> temporarily, or.. whatever!! Anything!!
> Well, this is exactly, what my squid_dedup helper was created for!
> See my announcement:
> 	Subject: [squid-users] New StoreID helper: squid_dedup
> 	Date: Mon, 09 May 2016 23:56:45 +0200
> My openSUSE environment is fetching _all_ updates with byte-ranges from many
> servers. Therefor, I created squid_dedup.
> Your specific config could look like this:
> /etc/squid/dedup/mozilla.conf:
> [mozilla]
> match: http\:\/\/download\.cdn\.mozilla\.net/(.*)
> replace: http://download.cdn.mozilla.net.%(intdomain)s/\1
> fetch: true
> The fetch parameter is unique among the other StoreID helper (AFAIK): it is
> fetching the object after a certain delay with a pool of fetcher threads.
> The idea is: after the first access for an object, wait a bit (global setting,
> default: 15 secs), and then fetch the whole thing once. It won't solve
> anything for the first client, but for all subsequent accesses.
> The fetcher avoids fetching anything more than once by checking the http
> headers.
> This is a pretty new project, but be assured, that the basic functions are
> working fine, and I will do my best to solve any upcoming issues. It is
> implemented with Python3 and prepared for supporting additional features
> easily, while keeping a good part of an eye on efficiency.
> Let me know, if you're going to try it.
> Pete
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