[squid-users] ldap authentication with encrypted credentials

Sampei sampei02 at tiscali.it
Fri May 6 12:31:42 UTC 2016

  I'm thinking to implement Basic authentication for all clients
because it's easier with my outdated systems.
In squid.conf can I use
one of these three access methods for http_access for each_client? 

only based on AD user authentication
2- only based on IP address
3- both
based both on AD user authentication and on IP address (both 1 and 2

Il 04.05.2016 14:23 Amos Jeffries ha scritto: 

>>>>> Look
into Negotiate/Kerberos authentication. You will need that for the Win7
and Win10 clients anyway
>> For Windows 7/10 clients, the Basic
authentication (Squid 2.7) with LDAP helper will not able to work ?
While Kerberos will work both with older clients and newer ones?
Yes they all still support Basic, but you said that was not desirable.

> Amos

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