[squid-users] Force DNS queries over TCP?

Chris Horry zerbey at gmail.com
Thu Jun 30 17:21:28 UTC 2016


My ISP have started forcing DNS queries to pass through their own DNS
server, which appears to have many issues (can't resolve twitter.com for
one).  I won't bore the list with my conversations with them over that part.

They are not actively blocking TCP DNS queries so I have a workaround.

Recognising that DNS over TCP is not an ideal solution....

1. Can Squid be configured to use TCP by default for DNS inquiries?  If
not consider this a feature request :)
2. Is there a DNS caching server that can do this instead (BIND9 doesn't
seem to have it as an option)

Any help appreciated.



Chris Horry
zerbey at gmail.com

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