[squid-users] Subject: Bandwidth Ceiling

squid-cache at pixelrebel.com squid-cache at pixelrebel.com
Wed Jun 29 01:04:42 UTC 2016

My squid server has 1Gbps connectivity to the internet and it routinely gets 600 Mbps up/down to speedtest.net.

When a client computer on the same network has a direct connection to the internet it, too, gets 600 Mbps up/down.

However, when that client computer connects through the squid server, it can't seem to do any better than 120 Mbps down, 60 Mbps up. 

I've tried things like disabling disk cache, increasing maximum_object_size*, etc. Nothing I change in the config seems to increase or decrease my clients' bandwidth.

Any tips for getting better bandwidth to clients in a proxy-only setup?


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