[squid-users] Conditional IPv6 usage

Amos Jeffries squid3 at treenet.co.nz
Tue Jun 28 14:27:32 UTC 2016

On 28/06/2016 11:32 p.m., Stefan Hölzle wrote:
> Hello,
> I inserted an iptables rule which rejects outgoing tcp packets from the
> default IPv4 address to the ip of somedomain.asdf.
> This causes Squid to fall back to IPv6.
> I'd like to change Squid's behavior in this case to immediately fall
> back to IPv6 instead of falling back to the default IPv4 address first.

Falling back to something "first" does not make any sense. The first has
to be tried and fail before a fallback is needed.

> Can this behavior easily be changed in the source code ?

There is an old patch in the feature request that might help you:

YMMV on whether it applies cleanly. It has been a long while since it
was created.


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